Team Grove's Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is upon us! Can you even believe it? This season is all about wishing and hoping, staying cozy, and being thankful. Team Grove has some wishes and hopes for Christmas. If you’re out doing holiday shopping and wondering what to get for your favorite company, here’s our official wish list:


Ginger and Sean are both wishing for snow. It doesn’t snow much in Portland. Most of our snow comes in liquid form, if you catch my drift. (See what I did there?) Nevertheless, we still pine longingly to wake up to the white sparkly wonderland of a snowy Christmas morning. Just sayin’.

Pendant Light from Schoolhouse Electric

Mike Dowty is wishing for this lovely Harding 6” Pendant Light from Schoolhouse Electric. This Portland company is of the highest quality, and their product description says it all: “Our exclusive parts are made of heavy gauge, solid American brass and hand-finished in our state-of-the-art patina shop[...]our craftspeople in Portland, Oregon, build each fixture to your specifications.

California King Bed

Dashia is wishing to sleep like a queen on an iComfort mattress from Serta. What better way to drift off?  If she could choose any size, she thinks California king is the way to go. Until then, let us all appreciate Rihanna’s ode to large beds.

A Papaya Tree

Scott wants a papaya tree. Just call him PawPaw Snair.

A Horizontal Milling Machine

Ken wants the DMC 125 H duoBLOCK horizontal milling machine. If you’re a milling dork like Ken, you would enjoy this machine’s large traverse paths of 49.2 x 39.4 x 41.3 inches and high pallet load up to 4,409.2 lbs. It’s ideal for large-parts machining. Not to mention its smaller footprint for more efficient production. Yeah, it’s like the machining version of asking Santa for a BMW, but one can hope, right?

The Newest iPhone

Like some of us here at Grove, Teryn hasn’t yet gotten her hands on the newest version of Apple’s iPhone, the 5S. The newest iPhone is definitely a hot commodity, especially if you are eager to use one of our newest cases. And, we’ve said it before, the iPhone 5S is sleek, sexy, and full of advanced features and functionality.

Time With Friends and Family

Galen is wishing that everyone on Team Grove gets some quality time with their friends and family during the holidays. Grove will be closed for the Christmas week and New Years to ensure we all get some warm-fuzzy time.

Finding the perfect gift is important, but we all hope everyone is more concerned with finding the perfect recipe, perfect hot cocoa to marshmallow ratio, and perfect spot on the couch for prime fireplace or Christmas tree viewing. Happy Holidays from us here at Grove.


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