Give the Gift of Grove

Why does Grove make the perfect Christmas gift, you ask? Why, take a seat here by the virtual blazing fireplace, and let us pour you a proverbial cup of hot cocoa and explain. The first thing to understand is that there’s something on for everyone on your holiday gift list. I’m SERIOUS, guuuuys. Here look:


For the traditional buddy with a heart of gold

You know what phone they have, because you’ve seen them slyly glancing at it during boring hangouts. Get that steadfast buddy the classic, beloved Bamboo Case for iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S. Where could you go wrong with lovely hand-sanded and oiled bamboo. Go for plain or one of the more simple engravings or challenge your buddy to think outside the box with a trippy artist series design.

For the night-owl techie with their head always in an e-book:

Let me guess, they’re up on all the latest and greatest tablets like a bear on honey. They need dem cozy pants and warm slippers, a warm drink, and their iPad Air or iPad mini flipped open to their fave game, blog, or e-book. Knock their slippers off with a darn beautifully crafted Wood Smart Case, and take their iPad browsing to the next level. [Please note, this gift also works for the small biz entrepreneur that never has time to hang out.]

For the stylish significant other that you need to impress:

So maybe you already got them the predictable gift that they already sort of know about. We recommend also getting a surprise gift, and what better to surprise them with than a completely one-of-a-kind customized WoodPrint Case for iPhone 5/5S? This sexy case is made from smooth maple, and you can upload any image you’d like to customize it, such as your lover’s artsy instagram of last night’s sunset. Bonus points: customize it with a picture of the cat you two co-parent. D’aww.

For the person who is the coolest and deserves the best gift:

This person is probably your super cool mom or dad or someone that you have a really big crush on or someone that you have children with. If they like color and are still young at heart, they get the SkateCase for iPhone 5/5S. Recycled skateboard material makes this case as cool as this person. If they are more serious (read: too cool for school), then congrats to them; they get the Grove Dock for iPhone. This is a useful iPhone accessory as well as a well designed accent for the home or workspace.

For the person you don’t want to spend that much on

The Bamboo Back for MacBook or iPad is slick looking and also affordable at just $29. It’s kind of like buying them a new MacBook or iPad. They will basically freak out. Or, you could get them a leather notebook cover starting at $69 for an artist series design including pocket-sized Moleskine notebook. Look at this beautiful cover design by French artist Lotie.

Do you see? Grove really does make the best gift! Happy holiday hunting to all!



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