The Discovery of the Puppies and Kitties of Team Grove (As Narrated by David Attenborough)

Every morning at the break of dawn all across our fair city of Portland, OR we Grovers are awoken by the triumphant calls of the wild beasts who live among us. They are the descendents of grey wolves and Middle Eastern wildcats. They are our pets. We feed them, walk them and love them. Here are some of the animals that we love!

Sylvia’s cat got her name from the month of June when she was adopted. She’s a 5 year old ragdoll mix who goes by many handles including Juniper and Junebug. “We keep her because she's cute, and when she does show affection or allow us to cuddle her it's a golden moment.”  Haha. And the piglet? Well, that cute little guy lives on her friend's farm, and holds a special place in Sylvia's heart after looking after him for a few hours one summer afternoon. 

San and his wife Junghwa recently found themselves a furry little angel with the heart of a lion and the temperament of a burning phoenix. Carmelo (aka lil’ Mello) is a 3 month old cockapoo puppy who just wants to play and wear his yellow rain slicker that his aunt Wendy got him. Also, he enjoys keeping his new mom and dad up at night with his whimpers. But oh my goodness is he cute... Good luck, San and Junghwa!

Laura and her fiancé Tobin rescued their dog from the Oregon Humane Society on Mothers day in 2011. He’s a black lab mix who they named Ninkasi, after their favorite brewery.  But mostly he goes by Kasi for short.

A great companion, Kasi likes to be in the middle of everything-- especially hugs! He loves his hand knitted winter scarf his Gramma Peri made for him, and enjoys car rides, chasing shadows, nighttime laser runs (sometimes we think he identifies as a cat), and helping Laura and Tobin with their house construction.

Laura said, “His secret bad habit is putting both his paws into the water bowl when he's really thirsty. Even so, we still love him very much and our family wouldn't be complete without him.”

Mike Dowty aka Mac Daddy received his cat Leo under mysterious circumstances. No one knows who left a kitten in a basket on his doorstep on Christmas morning, but life wouldn’t be the same without him. Leo aka Big Cat aka Daddy Cat Like is a Maine Coon with gorgeous cascading locks and an attitude that strikes fear in the hearts of small dogs.

After moving into a new house Sean and Priscilla felt like something was missing. One fateful day they visited the Humane Society, where petless people go in and pet owners come out. “We went just to look and came home with Oli.” Oli is a pekingese papillon mix whose favorite things are taking Sean for a walk every morning and letting his mom Priscilla snuggle with him in his bed.

Ken’s dog Roy is a rescue animal from the Humane Society who was named after the Blazers star Brandon Roy! He was such a skittish, shy dog that he remained un-rescued for over a year... :(  However, the Humane Society did a promotion where they had the Blazers come in and name a dog for themselves.  Hence, Brandon Roy!  

The cat that I live among is known as Scratch (aka Annie Oakley). Currently, it is unclear who is the domestic pet and who are the people as she seems to run the house. Pictured above, she is relaxing on a ceramic tile (Is that comfortable, Scratch?) and also likes to sing the most beautiful and melodic songs for hours on end (also pictured).

Written by Mike Schultz. He is an oil painter from Ithaca, New York.  When he is not working for Grove, he’s painting and drawing to his heart’s content.  You can see his work on his blog and his website.



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