A Modern Wood Watch Designed by Us


We set out to make a wood watch that we’d like to use ourselves, one that adds a new element to time telling in the age of connectedness. We know that the exact time, along with a whole universe of facts, is right there in our pockets. But, we like the freedom a watch gives of living in the moment and keeping our phones out of it once and a while. The Wood Watch is contemporary in that it’s made with modern circular hands that revolve through 12 circular windows, forming eclipse-like shapes to peacefully communicate the hours and minutes as they pass.



We worked with designer Stefan Andrén to create this modern timepiece. Instead of taking a typical watch and replacing the metal and plastic components with wood, we designed the Wood Watch from the ground up, choosing each material for its unique strengths. We started with a Japanese movement for precision timekeeping. And, for the highest quality, our custom internal timekeeping module, which holds the movement, is built by an experienced overseas watch manufacturer. Next, a stainless steel casing is machined by our friends here in Portland, Oregon. 



Finally, at our own workshop, our team assembles and finishes each piece. We use our signature American, vegetable-tanned leather for the strap, available in three different shades. The leather strap is unisex and fits petite women to large men, and it softens with use and age, for a smooth feel. We also offer a silicone strap option in black, as a leather alternative. We mill, hand sand, and hand oil each hardwood watch face in gorgeous domestic maple or walnut. We put the wood element of the watch out front, instead of hiding it behind glass, as many other wooden watches do.



We’ve announced the Wood Watch months in advance of shipment, because we need your support and patience to make this project a reality. With early funding we’re able to afford the set-up costs this type of manufacturing requires. We’re excited to share our progress with the watch’s funders via monthly updates, as we start the manufacturing journey. We’re thrilled to bring this to fruition, and can’t wait to ship the watch to customers in late 2014 / early 2015.



Pre-order the watch here, or, if you’d prefer to wait, sign up to get a mailing list notification when the watch is available for immediate purchase.


Written by Mary Yajko. She is a copywriter and member of Team Grove originally from upstate New York. She enjoys opened minds, uncontrollable fits of laughter, and large amounts of french fries with ketchup.