Moment Lens: A Friend of Grovemade!

We love to make friends with and explore the ins and outs of other companies that align with our business philosophy! Today, we wanted to introduce Moment, a fellow company making beautiful products for mobile photography. Their Moment Lenses attach to your phone (iPhone, Galaxy, and Nexus) and capture gorgeous photos with everyone's most handy camera - the phone.


The Moment Lens with the Grovemade Bumper on the iPhone 5


As a company, Moment's purpose is, "Empowering people to share more beautiful moments." The Lens allows users to truly live in the moment and take photographs on-the-go that are astoundingly beautiful. It attaches securely to the iPhone with or without a case, and it works wonderfully with our Grovemade Bumper.


A photo taken by Chad Copeland using the Moment Lens on a smartphone


“We are a collection of builders who believe that the future of photography is in our pockets,” says Moment, on their site. Sound familiar? At Grovemade, we also like to consider ourselves a collection of makers, which puts us in a similar camp of team-based manufacturing.


On their blog, you can see Moment’s founder, Marc Barros responded directly to customers who comment on posts or have questions about shipping. It’s refreshing to see such transparency and efficiency! Read their latest update on their blog to see how the glass from the lens is made and learn about the exciting shipment stage of their pre-orders.


The Moment Lens with the Grovemade Bumper on the iPhone 5


Another good read is the company’s blog post “How It’s Made - The Art Of Manufacturing”. A little bit of their story follows:


“We started Moment last August with some big ideas and a few sketches in a notebook. Working through dozens of prototypes and production samples, we can’t tell you how excited we are to be manufacturing our first units. This phase of the design process is by far the most tedious, making it extremely exhausting. However, it’s this stage in the game that can make or break the final quality of your product.”


The Moment Lens with the Grovemade Bumper on the iPhone 5


The Moment Lens is a great product if you’re like the many people taking photos with a smartphone everyday. Make your photos be everything you hope them to be! We highly recommend it. And, if you purchase it, take comfort knowing you’re supporting a hard working company run by wonderful people. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out their blog!

Written by Mary Yajko. She is a copywriter and member of Team Grove originally from upstate New York. She enjoys opened minds, uncontrollable fits of laughter, and large amounts of french fries with ketchup.