Grove’s Everyday-Carry: the Tools we Rely on Each Day in the Shop!

We wanted to share some of the tools we use at Grove everyday to make our items, along with some of the Grove products we ourselves enjoy daily! Check out the product descriptions below if you’d like to learn a little more about shop life.

From the top left going clockwise:

Grove Notebook leather Moleskine Cover in “Elephant” by Jacob Escobedo - Here at Grove, we depend on our trusty personal Moleskine notebooks to organize our daily ideas, to-do lists, and inspirations. Joe’s Elephant cover has been through years of use and shows the graceful aging of the leather, which results in a smooth texture and deep honey hue.

Copic Multiliner Pen - This is a great pen for the detailed technical drawings essential to product and production designing.

The trusty no. 2 pencil - A good no. 2 pencil never fails you whether you’re sketching on the work table or working through some figures in your notebook.

Olfa Safety Cutter - We entrust our various cutting jobs in this safe, sharp blade. It cuts leather, veneer, paper, and other materials with ease - it’s the sword of the workshop!

Gingher Thread Nippers - This nifty scissor-like tool is used for trimming the thread after we sew our covers for Bamboo iPad Cases, Wool iPad Sleeves, or leather Moleskine covers.

INSIZE Digital Calipers - We like to perfect the fit of our iPhone cases, and this digital caliper allows us to do just that. We bow down to its preciseness!

Grove Wool iPad Sleeve and Apple iPad - We love DJing during our woodshop hours with the iPad, and the wool sleeve is great for protecting the tablet when we carry it from our woodshop to our laser studio and everywhere in between.

Grove SkateBack and Apple iPhone 4s - We like to be uber cool with SkateBack-endowed iPhones; the SkateBack is also great for protecting our phones from being set down on various hard surfaces all day. Of course, we use our iPhones for just about everything from Instragramming to planning super serious business meetings. Shh!

Assorted Dental Tools - We know it’s kind of creepy, but dental tools are great for picking the excess glue off of bezels on our iPhone cases (and the food out of our teeth after lunch...)

DEWALT Safety Glasses - Saving eyes (and making us look sexy in the workshop) since 1920!

Custom Finishing Tongs - We crafted these tongs to be the ideal tool for our custom, hand-applied oil finishing process. We design and make many of our own tools!

3M Respirator - We use 3M respirators to add that post-apocalyptic vibe to the woodshop and to protect our lungs from the inevitable sandstorms created by sanding up all that lovely bamboo. Ahh - breath in that delicious wood smell - as long as you’ve got your respirator on!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our everyday tools of the trade. We love what we do, and we love finding the right tools for each job - even if that means we have to make them ourselves!

Written by Mary Yajko. She is a Grove customer support rep and crazed blogger originally from upstate New York. She enjoys opened minds, uncontrollable fits of laughter, and large amounts of french fries with ketchup.