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Designed to Inspire
Your workspace matters—our Desk Collection is crafted to elevate in form and function.
Elevate Your Work
We designed the monitor stand to be more than just a functional prop, to turn your desk into a refuge where you could do your best work.

The work of designing requires pushing the form until it finds its simplest resolution.

Hand Crafted
Though now iconic, our original design is no mass produced piece. Our team meticulously sands each surface and rubs natural oil into the wood for a smooth finish.
Meet the Collection
The stand was just the beginning. We looked around at the desk and realized the other items were jarringly out of place next to the sculpted wood. We applied the same detailed design sensibilities to everything from the mousepad to the desk lamp, to help you create a workspace that inspires.

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Design Inspires What You Do
We at Grovemade believe the tools you immerse yourself in reflect who you are and the meaning behind your work.

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