The Desk Shelf System
We’ve designed the Desk Shelf System to help you take your work, and your workspace, to the next level.

Available in walnut, maple, matte black & matte white.
A Place for Everything
Our Desk Shelf System brings clarity and intention to your workspace. It gives you global control of clutter, and a place for everything you need to work, from No. 2 pencils to dual monitors.

We started by elevating our screens to improve ergonomics, while also creating ample space for storage. We designed subtle organization zones to help everything on your desk live in harmony, from your keyboard to your knick-knacks.

Simply creating borders and delineating space visually organizes your space. Feels great, doesn't it?

The complete Walnut Desk Shelf System, for one monitor or two.
The Light Cork Desk Tray containing common tools and writing utensils for fast access.
Wood laptop lift working in tandem with the Grovemade Desk Shelf.
The Extra Large Felt Desk Pad supporting the entire Matte White Desk Shelf System featuring premium tan leather desk pad and keyboard tray.
Walnut Wood Grovemade Desk Collection with walnut keyboard tray, monitor stand, pen cups, desk lamps, planter, leather mouse pad, leather wrist pad.
Detail of the soft wool felt lining of the Walnut Laptop Riser.
Rear view of the walnut shelf showing the back edge of the bent metal shelf, designed to keep your stuff in place, while leaving space for hidden cord access.
The desk shelf's integrated storage shelf holding both a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 9.7 inch iPad.
Speedy Transitions
Mouse. Pencil. Keyboard. Stylus. Notebook. Phone. Moving back and forth between your work tools shouldn’t stop your flow.

Our Desk Shelf system is designed to allow for rapid, seamless transitions between digital and analog.

You shouldn't need to bulldoze your things out of the way to get to work.

So go ahead, get lost in your sketchbook and then respond to that email without breaking stride.
Designed For Your Best Work Yet
We’ve spent years studying how people work—from analyzing at thousands of desks and surveys responses, to conducting in-depth interviews with dozens of hard working people.
Simply put, inspired work starts from an inspired workspace. We know that looks different for each person, so we designed the Desk Shelf system to provide the canvas and functionality for you to create your best work.
Meet the Players
Each piece is available individually, allowing you to mix and match to dial in your desk. The shelf is available in premium 15-ply or solid American hardwood, as well as matte black or white finishes.

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