Stand (Black Aluminum)

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An Elevated Solution
The Grovemade HomePod Stand gives your HomePod an aesthetic lift and protects your naturally finished wood furniture from the white oil marks left by the HomePod’s silicone base.

Your HomePod nestles securely within the lip of the precision machined ring, and a microsuede foot cushions and further protects your furniture.
The Grovemade Wood HomePod Stand in black aluminum.
The Grovemade Black Aluminum HomePod Stand and walnut succulent planter.
Minimal HomePod Stand made of machined black aluminum.

Technical Specifications


Designed and Assembled by Grovemade in Portland, OR
Custom machined by our manufacturing partner in Portland, OR
Anodized by our manufacturing partner in Portland, OR


4” Outer Diameter
2.5" Inner Diameter
0.33” High Outside
0.275” High Inside


Anodized Aluminum


Intended for use with Apple HomePod only

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