Refills x3

Smooth and Steady
A convenient pack of three (3) Fine Tip Schmidt P8126 rollerball black ink refills for the Grovemade Pen. Each has a conical, stainless steel tip with 0.6 mm ceramic ball for a fine line that still has character. Smooth and consistent writing and fast drying made this ink refill our top choice when we designed our pen.
The Grovemade Black Pen and Walnut Pen Stand among the rest of the Grovemade Desk Collection.
Close up detail of the twist on the top of the black pen.
The Grovemade Black Pen and Maple Pen Stand, on a lighter, maple desktop.
The Grovemade Brass Pen in use, writing in a notebook.
Detail shot of the tip of the Grovemade Brass Desk Pen.

Technical Specifications


Manufactured by Schmidt in Germany


Compatible with the Grovemade pen
Available in black ink only


Length: 3.9”
Tip Width: 0.6 mm (Fine)
Weight: 5 grams


Stainless Steel Tip
Ceramic Ball


The Schmidt P8126 refill has a one year cap off time, meaning it can remain uncapped for one year without drying out.