Felt Desk Pad (Dark Grey)

Ships In 2 - 4 Weeks
Set Your Workspace Apart
The desk pad brings visual structure and organization to your workspace, with premium 3mm thick virgin Merino Wool Felt. The natural material provides warmth and softness. It accents any desktop, from natural wood grain to white or laminate.

Small, Medium, and Extra Large Desk Pads are designed to work with our Desk Shelf.
Large Desk Pad is designed to work with our Monitor Stand and Laptop Stand.
The Extra Large Felt Desk Pad supporting the entire Walnut Desk Shelf System.
The Medium Dark Felt Desk Pad used as a combination laptop pad, mousepad, and coffee coaster.
Detail of the natural leather tag on the Dark Grey Wool Felt Desk Pad.
The Small Wool Felt Desk Pad, designed for use here with the Walnut Desk Shelf.
The Small Wool Felt Desk Pad, pulled out from the Walnut Desk Shelf for use with a keyboard and mouse.
The Medium Wool Felt Desk Pad runs the entire width of a standard desk, pictured here with walnut wood double-wide monitor stand.
The Large Desk Pad in Dark Grey supporting the Walnut Monitor Stand for iMac.
The Small Wool Felt Desk Pad tucked under the Walnut Desk Shelf, creating space for other work.
Animation showing the desk pad, keyboard, and mouse sliding under the desk shelf to clear space for non-computer work.
Invigorate Your Workflow
When paired with the Grovemade Desk Shelf and Desk Tray, the small desk pad allows you to navigate the exchange between your digital and analog work with ease. Simply slide the desk pad under the shelf, moving your digital tools out of the way to make space for a notebook or piece of scratch paper.
The Walnut Desk Shelf System Bundle, with shelf, desk pad, cork tray, and laptop lift.
The Desk Shelf System
Take your desk to the next level in one easy step with the desk shelf bundle, designed to simplify and elevate your workflow—available with or without the laptop lift.


Technical Specifications


Design and manufacturing by Grovemade in Portland, OR


Premium German Merino Wool Felt
Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather


3mm thick
Small - 11” x 25.25”
Medium - 11” x 38.5”
Large - 26” x 38”
Extra Large - 26" x 49"


Not designed to be used as a writing surface—for optimal writing performance, consider our matte desk pad.
Works with optical mice—for optimal performance, however, consider our wood and leather mousepad.
Made from natural materials, and you can expect a variation in color and appearance.

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