We are a family of creators – close knit and a little crazy – handcrafting goods at our workshop in Portland, Oregon. We make beautiful products from quality materials because we believe each one is a representation of who we are.



We believe our goods are meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them.


Grovemade began with friendship and the spirit to create. We’re a small workshop of designers, craftsmen, and support staff who enjoy our work, function like a family, and always strive to do better. Caring about how we do things here makes us better at what we do. Our focus is to make a few things really well. We’ve found putting people first leads to the best products. And, frankly, it’s just more fun this way!


We value the cultivation of a fulfilling work environment and the happiness of our people, the heart behind what we produce. A small, passionate team can make incredible products.

Be Bold // Do Everything Better
Be Open // Work Stronger Together
Be Bright // Live Positively and be Nice


Grovemade was founded by friends Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita in 2009. Their workshops were across the street from one another, and they would often toss a football in the street, brainstorming and trying to one-up each other’s design ideas. Joe worked in digital art and laser engraving, and Ken worked in furniture design and fabrication. These fields merged to create a company focused on art, design, craftsmanship, and natural materials.



Galen Lee

Galen is a quiet force of nature. You can always depend on him, but never try to predict his behavior or take away his snacks. He’s always working hard to make every aspect of the company run smoothly, and he’s usually softly whistling while he does it. He’s famous for burning his architecture books while working the “death shift,” and offering his brothers hush money during his childhood rebellions.
I'M GOOD AT: Eating ramyun.

Max Brown

Max, named for the main character in Where the Wild Things Are, knows everything about every movie ever made. He’s got a passion for storytelling, from graphic novels and 80s horror films to Ray Bradbury. His resume paints a picture of a colorful life: projectionist, graphic artist at a modeling agency, bartender in foggy Astoria, photographer and videographer, and illustrator extraordinaire. Check out his illustrations here.

Brodie Gordon

Brodie is a well-traveled young gentleman who’s seen it all. Right now, he’s choosing to be in Portland with us, which makes us pretty grateful. He’s got a passion for things that have almost killed him: his car, his bike, his job. Grovemade really wouldn’t function without the driving force of Brodie! He’s like our engine. Brodie helps get the product from our brains to your hands, all while designing his next tattoo or clever case idea.

Sylvia Choi

Sylvia is a communications champion from a family of unbeatable sisters, basically superheros. When they put their minds together, they can’t be stopped. Sylvia brings this same level of badassery to Grove’s marketing and customer support departments. Outside work, she’s passionate about ending human trafficking and raising awareness about human rights issues. She helps out through three important organizations: LiNK, Compassion First, and Freedom and Fashion.
I'M GOOD AT: Remembering faces and random facts.

Barrett Hafner

Barrett spent the formative years of his life traveling the world, investigating the deep mysteries, and instigating spontaneous dance parties. Now at Grovemade, he spends most of his time taking the ideas in our heads and turning them into products in your hands. Without a doubt though, his most important job is hiding [fake] severed body parts in Galen's desk. If you want to attend the best Halloween party in the Northwest, make sure Barrett has your number.
I'M GOOD AT: Handstands.

Joe Mansfield

Joe is the other half of Grovemade’s founding pair along with Ken. He’s such a design fanatic, he can’t look at anything without wondering how it’s made and how it could be made better. This can transform casual hangouts into brainstorming sessions, but his hyper-curiosity is also a great asset for planning adventures with friends and family. He once exclaimed, “You’re too curious, man!” But, we all know he was looking in the mirror when he said it.

Yuji Tomita

At age 25, Yuji discovered that the animated series Adventure Time contains the truth about all things in life. Each morning, he wakes up and shouts into the void, “What’s going on? Have we seen into the future?” He’s a self-taught web programming wizard who makes come to life. His hard work behind-the-scenes makes countless internet purchases possible everyday.

I'M GOOD AT: Watching Adventure Time

Scott Snair

Scott is an ambitious mountain man who labors away to improve the physical and mental atmosphere of the workshop for the whole team. He has a penchant for pranking and owns a lot of clothing made from other clothing. A committed gardener and homesteader, Scott pulls local, organic produce out of his hat like a magician. He settled in Oregon in 1898 and only lost two family members fording the river.
I'M GOOD AT: Fixing things I have previously broken.

Teryn Clement

Teryn “Camptodactyly” Clement is on the frontlines of Grove cyberspace and is part dinosaur, part Disney princess. Princess Dinosaur! But for real, she’s got more sass in her pinkies than the rest of Portland collectively -- especially, if you try to steal her comfy blanket. That’s right, this badass brings a blankie to work. You got a problem with that? Too bad. Teryn actually enjoys coming to work everyday, even if it’s just to call us out when we’re being weirdos.
I'M GOOD AT: Painting and cooking.

Mary Yajko

Mary is our resident copywriter at Grovemade. She makes good words for the communication things. Kicked off the East Coast when she told everyone to “take a chill pill,” she spends most of her time resisting urges to hug you. To catch a Mary, fill your trap with salted meats, good playlists, and opportunities for things to get weird. If you need someone to compose texts to your crush or ghostwrite in your dream journal, read about her writing services here.

Danielle Horn

Danielle, AKA “The Anomaly”, was a woodshop expert from the moment she set foot in the workshop. A suspiciously skilled crafter, Danielle spends her days finishing our premium cases. She’s an artist working on publishing her first web comic, and she’s got an array of fascinating interests, including retro robots, roller derby, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edward Gorey, Dr. Who, and Andre Norton. She’s a true Northwesterner with a Scandinavian soul, choosing smoked fish over chocolate cake any day of the week.

Jim Hassert

Jim is an efficiency enforcer with a heart of gold, hailing from the ever expanding Chicagoland beast in Illinois. He’s passionate about anything embodying variety and balance at the same time, think tight rope walking octopi or sumo wrestlers practicing yoga. Jim can hold his own on the soccer field, chess board, yoga mat, and conference room. He and his wife Sarah annually host a short film festival and an audio festival through their creative group, Yumi Life.
I'M GOOD AT: Chess. e4 suckas.

Sean Kelly

Sean is a man-bear hybrid who rules the woodshop with the ultimate weapon: love. His heart is so big he doesn’t have room for any other organs, and he’s got a PhD in Silliness. Alright, he does have a brain, but, it’s part of his heart -- it’s like a heart-brain. His heart-brain is SMART. This guy is a space camp graduate and a product design genius! (Check out some of his designs here.) He’s also got an amazing collection of embarrassing stories to make you cringe with joy.

I'M GOOD AT: I like to help people laugh. If I can't help them, I make them.

Ken Tomita

Ken started the company with Joe in 2009 under the impression that eventually there’d be free pizza. Ken is a design nerd and furniture designer with a passion for photography and collecting weird things, like fruit stickers. He’s an active field trip enabler and enjoys bribing the team with Trailblazers tickets and empty promises that someday we’ll all get to see his expertly curated apartment. Check out some of his furniture designs here.

I'M GOOD AT: Dancing to 90s music.

Mike Schultz

Mike is a talented painter from New York who’s been splitting his time between Portland and Thailand for the past couple of years. He’s a treasured team member with equal talents in craftsmanship and communication. He can’t help but draw cats on everything, and he can’t help but fall in love with every cat he meets. Check out his beautiful paintings, drawings, and prints on his website!

I'M GOOD AT: Ending mosquitoes

Dashia Fontleroy

Dashia is the magical fairy of the woodshop; actually, she’s the magical fairy of everything good about Grove and life in general. When she’s not in the workshop, she’s building bookshelves at home or crocheting scarves and hats. Maybe all the gravel she sucked on as a child contributed to her talent with natural materials? Look out small stones, Dashia is a force of positive energy to be reckoned with. She’s also a loving Mom of two, and her true number one passion is family.
I'M GOOD AT: Building things.

Ginger Weidenhof

Ginger, AKA Danger Pennsylvania, is an East Coast native who hops on her trusty bike as her main form of transportation. Woodworking is a serious talent of Ginger’s, and she’s gained the ability to control the machines in the shop using just her mind. Ginger wholeheartedly makes things better. She’s got a passion for saying “Hell Yes!” to silly ideas and a penchant for playfulness. Just be careful taking her to museums: she will touch every exhibit.

Mike Dowty

Mike “The Phantom” Dowty thinks you think he looks Italian; but, he wants you to know he’s half Chinese, okay? He’s passionate about product design, and he’s a really snazzy dresser. He just knows what looks good. Mike is also the original “Mike,” the root of all Mikes - from which all Mikes present, future, and past stem. This spirit of a popular name also knows his way around a laser, and is pretty nice to everyone he meets.



Design is at the center of all we do here. Everything we do should be considered, effective, and beautiful. We take that commitment all the way through branding, packaging, website design, our workshop, methods, and so on. We regard great design as a requirement, and we uphold that value by staying involved every step of the way.


For the integrity of our products, we keep our manufacturing processes local. Our woodshop is always buzzing, sawdust falling like snow. We like to get our hands dirty and put our safety goggles to good use. Our high-tech machinery let’s us manipulate our materials precisely, and we creatively combine CNC milling, laser work, and UV direct printing to help us achieve premium quality.


Sometimes the best way is the hard way. After our machines make the rough cuts, each item is sanded and filed by hand to perfect every detail. Next, we apply a natural oil and wax blend to bring out the organic beauty of our materials. Our small team is proud to provide artisan-quality goods with the style and functionality to land them on prominent, “Best of” lists, year after year.




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