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    • Are Grovemade cases drop proof?

      No, Grovemade cases are not 100% drop proof. Being made of natural materials, your case may not survive an impact. This is true of any case made of bamboo or wood. Your Grovemade case will protect your iPhone and iPad from normal wear and tear, but it is not guaranteed against drops of any kind. For cases that break from being dropped, we offer our Case Replacement Program. Because natural material varies greatly, sometimes the case survives really harsh drops onto concrete, other times they break from the slightest drop onto carpet. This depends on the unpredictable chance of where it hits and the variation in the material. This is why we say our cases won't survive drops, even though they often do. If you are prone to dropping your phone, we suggest cases made of silicone or rubber, such as Otterbox. Although we cannot guarantee it, there have been numerous incidents where iPhones and iPads have been saved by our case. Like a motorcycle helmet, it might break in a crash, but it will save your iPhone or iPad's life.
    • How will my case wear over time?

      The case will wear gracefully like fine, hand-oiled furniture. The oils from your hand polish the case, as a result of the natural oil and wax finish used on the wood or bamboo. If you want your wood or bamboo to be completely sealed, we recommend purchasing from manufacturers who clearcoat their products with a layer of plastic.
    • Do you offer custom laser engraving?

    • Will you be making cases for other cellphones and devices?

      We currently do not have plans to develop cases for other phones. Please follow us on Twitter @grovemade or Facebook for updates.
    • What are the specs on your products?

      Detailed dimensions can be found at the bottom of each product page on our website.
    • Can I use 3rd party headphones/docks with your case?

      In general, probably not. Our headphone hole diameter is approximately .3 inches, and it will easily fit the Apple headphones but not headphones with a much larger jack. If you would like to use larger headphones, you can use an adapter, which can be readily found for under $10. We recommend searching "iPhone Headphone Adapter" on We have a Grovemade Dock for iPhone that works with our cases. We haven’t tested other docks with our case. A lot of docks will not work with most hard cases, including Grovemade's. If you are having trouble with using your Grovemade case on a third party dock, you can look into adapters called "dock extenders".
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  • Shipping and Orders

    • Do you ship worldwide? How much does it cost?

      Yes. We ship globally with the US Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS), depending on the product or location. Please add your item to the cart, and, at the bottom of the page, you will see an estimated shipping charge generator. Shipping options and prices will also become available during the checkout process, before you finalize your order. PLEASE NOTE: THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOMS FEES, IMPORT DUTIES, OR TAXES THAT MAY BE IMPOSED BY YOUR COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT. IF FEES ARE NOT PAID AND PACKAGE IS ABANDONED, YOU FORFEIT REFUND OR REPLACEMENT OPTIONS.
    • Can you combine discount codes or use them on introductory prices or pre-orders?

      We’re sorry, but we cannot honor combined discounts. Our checkout system only allows for one discount code to be used per transaction. Thank you for your understanding.
    • What are my shipping options?

      These are general shipping methods, and they may vary for multiple products or change at any time. For most P.O., A.P.O., and F.P.O. boxes and non-contiguous U.S. states and territories, we will ship using USPS Priority Mail (this service only has limited tracking). Desk Collection Items: UPS Surepost (2-5 business days) UPS International Express Saver (7-10 business days) *Single Monitor stand (shipped Internationally) USPS First Class International (Varies by Country) Walnut Back: USPS First Class (7-10 business days) USPS First Class International (varies by country) SkateBack for iPhone 5/5S: USPS First Class (7-14 business days) USPS First Class International (varies by country) iPhone Cases (SkateCase, Maple or Walnut Case: UPS Surepost (domestic 2-5 business days) UPS International Express Saver (7-10 business days) WoodSmart Cases for iPad Air or iPad Mini: UPS Surepost (domestic 2-5 business days) UPS International Express Saver (7-10 business days) Docks for iPhone: USPS Priority Mail (3-7 business days) USPS International Priority Mail (7-20 business days) Notebook Covers: UPS Surepost (domestic 2-5 business days) UPS International Express Saver (7-10 business days) Gift Card: Electronic delivery to your email. If you don't receive an email with your gift card code within 1-2 business days, please contact us via the Support page. PLEASE NOTE: THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOMS FEES, IMPORT DUTIES, OR TAXES THAT MAY BE IMPOSED BY YOUR COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT. IF FEES ARE NOT PAID AND PACKAGE IS ABANDONED, YOU FORFEIT REFUND OR REPLACEMENT OPTIONS.
    • Can I pay extra to have my product shipped sooner via FedEx or UPS?

      No, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Our order processing system does not allow for special exceptions for shipping, even if our customers are willing to pay for it.
    • Why am I being charged an extra fee by UPS to deliver my international package?

      Please be aware that UPS will request payment of customs, duties, and other applicable charges at the time of delivery. Many Customs Offices require recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment entering into that country. These charges may include PST, GST, HST, duties, and other taxes of goods (e.g. excise tax). Canadian Recipients Your order will be shipped under UPS’s e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), in which eligible UPS Standard shipments imported into Canada for non-commercial purposes and valued under CAD $200 are subject to a reduced brokerage fee of CAD $10, plus any applicable duties and taxes. (Orders over CAD $200 may incur additional charges.) To pay these charges ahead of time and eliminate the need for payment on delivery, please call UPS (1-800-742-5877).
    • I live in Portland. Can I just come by and pick up my purchase and avoid the shipping charge?

      We love locals, but we are purely an internet business, and we do not have the infrastructure or staff to handle local pickups. We apologize. If you would like to see our facilities, please join our newsletter or Facebook page for announcements on our occasional open house events.
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  • iPhone Case

    • How durable is the case? Will it survive a drop?

      All wood cases, ours included, may not be the best choice for people prone to dropping their phones. Grovemade cases are not 100% drop proof. The case may not survive an impact. This is typical of many cases made from natural materials or hard plastics. If you are worried about dropping your phone, we suggest cases made of silicone or rubber, such as Otterbox. That being said, we’ve engineered our cases to be as durable as possible. Although, we can’t guarantee the case against drops, it is possible for it to survive many standard drops, along with some gentle wear-and-tear. In the event that your case breaks from a drop, we offer a case replacement program. For any manufacturing defects, your new case is covered under our standard warranty from the date that the case is shipped.
    • Will screen protectors work with your iPhone case?

      Yes. Any type of front screen protector, covering only the screen of the phone, will not interfere with the case. However, due to the tight fit of our case, any screen protectors which wrap around the sides or back of the phone are not compatible.
    • How can I clean the case and maintain it?

      Use a damp rag to rub the case clean, then dab it dry with a clean cloth. If needed, use a diluted solution of water and mild dish soap on a rag and wipe dry. This is not a necessary step, but if you would like to re-oil the case, you can use boiled linseed oil.
    • Can I just get a replacement for the top or bottom?

      Unfortunately, our tops and bottoms are not interchangeable, since each case is milled from one single piece of material to have a unique fit. If we were to send you a top or bottom piece, it would not align properly with the other half for a smooth and snug fit.
    • Will Apple's Lightning to 30-pin adapter for iPhone 5 work with your case?

      No. There are two different Lightning to 30-pin adapters offered by Apple. Neither of these adapters will work with the bottom of your Grovemade case on. They are both larger than the regular Apple Lightning charger. We are not yet aware of other third-party adapters that will work with the bottom of the case on. However, if the Lightning head of the adapter is the same size or smaller than the regular Apple iPhone 5 charging cable, the adapter should work without removing the bottom of the case.
    • Do you offer a custom, monogrammed or the Artist series cases?

      No. We have permanently discontinued custom laser engraving and our Artist Series cases. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check for Limited Edition cases on our shop page for special designs!
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  • iPad Case

  • Sleeve

    • Will you be making other sleeve sizes?

      We are currently producing sleeves for the iPad Air, iPad Mini/iPad Mini Retina and the 13'' MacBook Air. We don't want to make promises about future sleeve size releases but we urge you to sign up for our Newsletter which will inform you of any product launches in the future!
    • Will the sleeve fit any device other than the device it was specifically designed for?

      Unfortunately no. All of our sleeves are designed to have a snug fit around the product it was designed for to secure the product from slipping. Inserting a device that is smaller or thicker than the intended device may result in a drop or broken sleeve.

  • Dock

    • Will the Dock work with my case?

      The Dock is designed to work with or without a case, but we cannot test every single case out there. It is guaranteed to work with a Grovemade case, which tends to be on the thicker side. This means most cases will work. Measure your case to see if it will fit within the Dock’s opening size of 2.66" x .64". See here for the complete Dock dimensions.
    • How does the Dock affect the phone's sound?

      The Dock is designed to amplify the sound coming out of the iPhone's speakers. A hidden channel directs ringtones and other audio freely through the front of the dock. You will actually hear an increase in volume with your phone docked.
    • Will my iPhone 4 & 5 Dock be compatible with the iPhone 6 Dock?

      No.The dock works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and 5C. Unfortunately, our Dock is designed specifically for those iPhone models and will not work with other. The iPhone 6 dock will have different dimensions.
    • Does the Dock charge your phone?

      Yes, the Dock charges your phone using your own Apple 1M cable, which feeds through the bottom. Please note that our Dock does not come with a charging cable, and only the standard Apple cable that comes with the iPhone will work with the dock.
    • Which charger cables will work with the Dock?

      Only the original charger, provided with the iPhone, is compatible with our iPhone Dock. Any chargers/cables (including other Apple cables) could break the key component of the Dock station. *Please be aware Apple does sell charger cables slightly larger than the standard Apple cable. These cables WILL break the key insert to the Grovemade Dock.
    • How do you put the Dock together?

      Illustrated instructions come with each Grovemade Dock. (Please note, only the standard Apple charger, sold with the iPhone, is compatible with our Dock. Any other chargers (including other Apple chargers, will break the key insert).

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