New: Extra Large Desk Pad
Premium virgin merino wool felt defines your whole space, with room to fit everything you need for your biggest jobs. In stock and shipping now.

Got big ideas? Get the extra large desk pad.

If You Work With Our Desk Shelf...
Our Small, Medium and Extra Large desk pads are designed to work with our desk shelf. Choose small for sliding between analog and digital with ease, medium if you need extra room for your tools, and extra large if you want your desktop to be fully covered.
If You Work With Our Monitor Stand...
Our Large desk pad, the first pad we launched, was designed to coordinate with our monitor stand. It gives a natural boundary to your work zone, with enough space for planters and pen pots and room to access your desktop for writing or sketching.
If You Have Not Yet Begun to Work...
Your desk should represent your ideals, and it should help you to do your best work. We design and build our stands to take your workspace to the next level, and to complement all of your devices.

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