The Walnut Collection
The Walnut Collection brings warmth and depth to your home office, featuring American Black Walnut and dark accents.
A Beautiful Wood
Since 2014, walnut has been an integral part of our desk collection. It's a striking hardwood, with a beautiful depth of color and grain pattern. It's considered a classic wood for furniture and interiors. We pair our walnut with dark wool and leather accents, to create a look that's serious and approachable.
Large Walnut Desk Shelf with ultra-wide monitor and matching Walnut MacBook Dock.
Small medium and large desk trays with varying sizes compartments, pulled out from a walnut desk shelf.
Close up of the rounded corner of the Solid Walnut Desk Shelf, made from premium 15-ply plywood.
The Walnut Vertical Organizer with mail and letters filed into three separate divisions.

Walnut is our most popular material—it creates a warm and inviting workspace.

Meet the Collection
From desk shelves to the note taking kit, keyboard trays to pen cups, get walnut in your workspace.
The walnut note-taking kit with matching desk shelf and desk pad.

The Note-Taking Kit

The Note-Taking Kit is designed to help you clear the clutter, organize your thoughts, and keep your important tasks top of mind.

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