The White Oak Collection
Introducing the White Oak Collection: a new look for your home office that's warm, serious and refined.

Available now across our flagship products.
Expanding Our Range
Since 2014, we've iterated and evolved our desk accessory lineup around two wood species: Walnut and Hardrock Maple. Nearly a decade later we're bringing a new material to the palette: White Oak. It's a beautiful hardwood with a medium tone and straight grain, popular in fine furniture and interiors—we've combined it with black accents in cork and leather to create an elevated look.
The Oak Headphone Stand with matching oak monitor stand.
Side view detail of the steel and walnut wood keyboard tray for MX Keys.
Detail of the beveled corner of the White Oak Desk Shelf.
The Oak Vertical Organizer with mail and letters filed into three separate divisions.

Our white oak collection is designed to work in a wide range of spaces. It's a versatile aesthetic.

Meet the Collection
From desk shelves to the note taking kit, get the white oak look for your space.
The walnut note-taking kit with matching desk shelf and desk pad.

The Note-Taking Kit

The Note-Taking Kit is designed to help you clear the clutter, organize your thoughts, and keep your important tasks top of mind.

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