The Maple Collection
The Maple Collection brings a bright and refined aesthetic to your home office. It features Eastern Hardrock Maple with light accents in wool, cork and leather.
Bright and Refined
Since 2014, maple has been an integral part of our desk collection. It sits on the bright side of our lineup, and works really well to complement light interiors. It's a beautiful, dense hardwood, with a gentle color tone, and we pair it with lighter complementary materials that provide gentle contrast. It creates a setup that feels open and cheerful.
The Extra Large Felt Desk Pad covering almost an entire desktop, in use with the Maple Desk Shelf System.
The Light Paper Tray pulled out from the Maple Desk Shelf with matching small and medium natural cork trays.
The desk shelf's integrated storage shelf holding both a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 9.7 inch iPad.
The complete Maple Desk Shelf System, for one monitor or two.

The maple collection really pops in light spaces—it's playful and cheerful and bright.

Lead Designer
Meet the Collection
From desk shelves to the note taking kit, keyboard trays to pen cups, get maple in your workspace.
The walnut note-taking kit with matching desk shelf and desk pad.

The Note-Taking Kit

The Note-Taking Kit is designed to help you clear the clutter, organize your thoughts, and keep your important tasks top of mind.

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