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12 September 2017
The Minimalist Tough Case
For the release of the 10th anniversary iPhone, we’ve brought a fresh offering to the protective phone case genre typically dominated by rugged and tactical looking designs.
We embraced the challenge of creating a nearly indestructible case that will protect your phone, while sticking to our signature, minimal style. Because your case doesn’t need to look like a tank to protect like one.

Clean design. Drop Protection. Why not?

A Shatterproof Duo
To create a case that’s shatterproof, lightweight, and shock absorbing, we combined two materials with complementary properties.
We start by machining a solid block of aluminum into a rigid monobody frame. It’s feather light yet virtually indestructible. This frame is wrapped in a seamless molded elastomer band for impact resistance. Two components, simply combined. No seams, screws or joints to fail.

It's just what you need and nothing more.

Safe on the Outside, Safe on the Inside
The molded elastomer band provides shock absorption for drops of up to six feet by suspending your iPhone independently of the metal frame.
Simply Functional
Easily slip your phone in and out of the case by bending the elastomer band off the bottom of the frame. It won’t tie you up with complicated mechanics.

Fully actuated wood buttons give you easy control of volume and wake/sleep mode.
Choose Your Flavor
Keep it simple with the bumper. Or, get a case with premium hardwood or leather backplates for additional protection and the warmth of natural materials.
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