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Brass Wireless Charging Pad (Dark)

Majestic Charging
A solid brass base anchors the charging pad and natural cork provides a soft resting spot for your phone as it charges.

Compatible with iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8 and 8 Plus, and all Qi enabled devices.

Compatible with all Grovemade iPhone cases, and works with most other cases up to 3 mm thick.
Grain detail of the maple wood desktop planter by Grovemade.
Sizing details of the maple wood desktop planters by Grovemade.
Grain and size differences of the solid wood desktop planters by Grovemade.

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Honing the Details
The size is just right for your phone, and for resting on a desk, nightstand or table. The cork and brass layers are hand sanded together until they’re totally flush. The cork is hand stained with Japanese Calligraphy ink, to give it the right depth and richness of black. Each is made by our small team.
Keep the Cord Out of Sight
Nearly the full length of the cord wraps underneath the charging pad.

Technical Specifications


Design, manufacturing and assembly by Grovemade in Portland, OR.
Brass base custom-manufactured by our manufacturing partner in Portland, OR.
Electronic components sourced from abroad.


Power Source: AC (USB plug and American 120V wall adapter included)
Power: 5W
Nylon braided cord


Diameter: 5.26"
Height: 0.875"
Cord Length: 6'
Cord Length: From 9" to 5' 6"


Ebonized Natural Cork with Sumi Ink
Natural Cork Feet


Charges on contact
Compatible with all Qi-enabled mobile devices
Works with most cases up to 3 mm thick
Compatible with all Grovemade iPhone cases
Charges via USB to computer system or included power adapter

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