Desk Pad (Navy Blue)

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Define Your Space
The matte navy blue desk pad brings visual structure and organization to your workspace. The soft, smooth texture is perfect as a writing surface. It accents any desktop, from natural wood grain to white or laminate.

Small, Medium, and Extra Large Desk Pads are designed to work with our Desk Shelf.
Large Desk Pad is designed to work with our Monitor Stand and Laptop Stand.
The Extra Large Matte Desk Pad in Navy Blue covering almost an entire desktop, in use with the Maple Desk Shelf System.
Hand writing directly on the matte blue desk pad on sticky notes.
The Small Matte Desk Pad in Navy Blue, pulled out from the Maple Desk Shelf for use with a keyboard and mouse.
The Small Navy Blue Desk Pad in use with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse.
Close up detail showing the surface texture of the natural linoleum in blue and layered cork base for extra cushion.
The Large Desk Pad in Navy Blue supporting the Maple Monitor Stand for iMac.
The Small Blue Desk Pad tucked under the Maple Desk Shelf, creating space to sketch and write.
The Medium Matte Desk Pad in Navy Blue runs the entire width of a standard desk, pictured here with maple wood double-wide monitor stand.
Exploded, cross-section view of the Matte Desk Pad in Navy Blue, showing the layering of cork and all-natural linoleum.
Natural linoleum is made from linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour and calcium carbonate—it’s durable, antistatic, resists fingerprinting, and is totally natural. We laminate a cork foot across the bottom for just the right amount of cushion and hand sand the edges flush. It brings a clean, modern look to your workspace.

Technical Specifications


Design and manufacturing by Grovemade in Portland, OR


Natural linoleum
Natural cork


3.5 mm thick
Small - 11” x 25.25”
Medium - 11” x 38.5”
Large - 26” x 38”
Extra Large - 26" x 49"


Due to monitor differences, actual color may vary slightly from images shown
Not designed as a cutting surface (not self-healing)


Works with optical mice
You can write directly on it
Resists fingerprints

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