The Black Collection
Introducing the Black Collection—for the ultimate minimal workspace.

Available now across our flagship products.
Black is the New Black
A decade ago, we pioneered the workspace with our original desk collection. Ever since, we've considered expanding the palette to black—it's modern and classic; it makes a statement and goes with everything. Finally, the time was right to dive deep into our desk setup and bring a new vision to life.
Blackened Walnut MacBook Dock with matching all black desk shelf.
Front view of the entire All-Black Collection—medium desk shelf, keyboard tray, wrist rest, mouse pad, iPhone stand and more.
Blackened Walnut Laptop Stand with matching black monitor stand.
The blackened walnut desk shelf's integrated storage shelf holding both a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 9.7 inch iPad.
Rear view of the blackened walnut shelf showing the back edge of the bent metal shelf, designed to keep your stuff in place, while leaving space for hidden cord acce
Small medium and large black desk trays with varying sizes compartments, pulled out from a blackened walnut desk shelf.
Made the Hard Way
Our challenge was to capture the spirit of minimalism while also preserving the warmth of our natural textures. We took our signature combinations of materials and forms and elevated each piece, a process that required a different approach for each product. Some required entirely new materials—from crumb rubber to G-10, a high-pressure composite—to create a collection without compromise. The natural wood finish was worked and reworked through dozens of iterations to dial in the depth, reflectivity and feel.

What we've achieved here is beyond minimalism.

Meet the Collection
From desk shelves to the note taking kit, get our flagship products in a premium look that goes with everything.
The walnut note-taking kit with matching desk shelf and desk pad.

The Note-Taking Kit

The Note-Taking Kit is designed to help you clear the clutter, organize your thoughts, and keep your important tasks top of mind.

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