The Stationery Collection
Introducing a new way to take notes.
Available in three colorways.
Notes to the Max
We set out to push the boundaries of stationery design, to make something premium and note-worthy. Solid machined metal, clean lines, and premium paper combine for a unique tool that actually improves your workflow. Even we were surprised at how nice it is to use.
Modern desk notepad in black, with walnut desk shelf.

Better than the back of an envelope

One-Handed Operation
The solid metal base keeps everything steady—easily write and remove notes with one hand. You won't know how nice it is until you experience it.
SEAN KELLY (Lead Product Designer): We had no idea how satisfying peeling notes could be.

SEAN KELLY (Lead Product Designer): We had no idea how satisfying peeling notes could be.

Right Where You Need It
We designed the notepad and sticky notes to fit into the narrow spaces of your desk. No need to go looking for something to 'write that down' on. It's already right there. It may be a digital world, but you still need a little space to go analog.
Modern sticky note station in brass with matching pen and stand.
Profile view of aluminum metal desk notepad on natural leather desk pad.
Black looseleaf notepad desk station, with walnut wood accessories.
Profile view of premium titanium pen and steel sticky note stand.
Profile view of tan metal desk notepad on black leather desk pad.
Premium sticky note pad as part of the maple wood desk collection feature wood monitor stand.

Note taking is usually an afterthought. We obsessed over the simple interactions to shift that mindset.

Pick Your Partner
Our sticky notes and notepads are available in black, brass and silver.
Paper Refills
Stock up so that you don't run out of something to write on.
Mr. Write
The Grovemade Pen and Stand coordinates with our notepad and sticky notes for the ultimate writing collaboration.

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