Amy Devers' Desk Makeover
From teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design to hosting the Clever Podcast, Amy’s life revolves around design. Read what she has to say about how Grovemade gear changed her perspective on her home workspace.

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I thought my desk situation was pretty good before, but NOW I realize how much better it can get.

Clever Co-Founder
Before and After
The Desk Shelf System
Let’s start with the Desk Shelf. I am a total Desk Shelf convert. (It’s beautiful!) It changes the spatial layout of my desk in a way that improves my workflow, something I didn’t really comprehend until I tried it. Other benefits include raising both my cameras to better heights for Zooming, and I’ve noticed my posture improving as I sit up straighter.
The Merino Wool Desk Pad
I had no idea I needed a felt pad as much as I do—it’s like plush carpeting for my desk. Everything is quieter (important for podcast recording!) It dampens keyboard clacking, pen drops, and just generally feels plush and more comfortable under my arms and elbows than cold melamine.
Stationery Update
I love the pen and notepad—so deluxe! Now everything I write feels smarter and more important. Pretty sure this is where I’ll write my novel and sign $1M checks. Pen snobs, Grovemade has got you. I take notes on calls and always need a scratch pad, this elevates the whole program. The leather mouse pad and coasters—executive-level luxury.
Tying It All Together
As a furniture designer/maker, I am so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of these products. But also, I am a little shocked at how naive I was about my workspace. With a few well-made, very intentional improvements, my workday has been upgraded x10. It’s definitely not just about productivity, it also makes a big difference in how I feel through the tactile sensations of deluxe materials and the mental clarity that accompanies a clear and organized space.

This really, really does change the way I feel while working in the best of ways.

Clever Co-Founder

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