Desk Shelf Size Guide
The desk shelf system gives you flexibility and optimization—but which size should you get? That depends on: your work, your space, and your needs.
Large Desk Shelf
The original desk shelf. Large and flexible, it accommodates multiple monitors, a single iMac, or an ultrawide on a monitor arm. It gives you multiple horizontal planes of space, naturally organizing your desk and elevating your work. An integrated, brushed metal shelf holds books, papers, notes, candy, hard drives—you get the idea.
Plays Well With:
Medium Desk Shelf
The medium desk shelf—right in the middle. It's wide enough to hold a single monitor, to look good with an ultrawide, and to provide enough storage. Its slightly narrower footprint means it works on most desks we've seen (and we've looked at thousands and thousands of desks!). An especially savory workspace partner if you work with a laptop and a single monitor.
Plays Well With:
Three small walnut desk shelves arranged in an arc for a three-monitor setup.
Small Desk Shelf
The small desk shelf works on even the smallest desks. It also works in combination for folks with a big desk and three (or more) monitors. It's our smallest footprint monitor stand, but it still organizes your stuff with an integrated shelf. For a very clean vibe, pair with our desk tray—it's designed to slide right in.
Plays Well With:
Find the Right Fit
Each size has strengths and situations where it works best. Which is why we designed all three! Here are the precise measurements:
Desk shelves by size with dimensions:
Small - 18.5" Wide x 9" Deep x 4.5" Tall
Medium - 31.5" Wide x 9" Deep x 4.5" Tall
Large - 46" Wide x 9" Deep x 4.5" Tall
Extra Large - 58" Wide x 9" Deep x 4.5" Tall
If you would like help finding the perfect way to fit the desk shelf system into your workflow, send us a note. We're always happy to jam on workspace organization!

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