20 FEBRUARY 2017
Collaborating with Tanner Goods
When we thought about collaborating with another brand for a contest to highlight our everyday carry collection, Tanner Goods was an obvious and immediate top pick.

Like us, they hail from Portland, OR. We share a similar appreciation for natural materials and fine, hand-crafted and hand-finished quality. And, we’re both focused on merging design and manufacturing within one integrated company. We’ve been friends with Tanner Goods for a long time, and we thought our customers would enjoy the chance to meet them and see their products.
We design our products to enrich your life, and Tanner Goods does the same. We’ve chosen to focus on everyday carry because the things you hold and use each day have an outsized impact on your life - thoughtful design and manufacturing are more important with objects with which you regularly interact.

We’re excited to highlight the shared philosophies between their company and ours. We hope you appreciate the connection to Tanner Goods, and enjoy having another brand you know in Portland, OR.

Check out Tanner Goods on Instagram, and see their products in person at one of their three locations:

4719 N Albina Ave
Portland, ORE 97217

860 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014

651 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

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