Creative Morning - April 2016


Creative Morning - April 2016

A little over a year ago we created our design space and something amazing started to happen. Every morning we (the design team) would gather around and talk for maybe 10 minutes. What did we talk about? Pretty much anything that inspired us that day. We began to notice how this organically occurring show-and-tell had a hugely positive effect on our team, and we decided to bring our other teammates into the conversation and create a formal meeting. We call it "Creative Morning".

As we shared personal stories of inspiration we began to feel and see more and more inspiration in ours and each others lives. In the creative morning series we’ll be sharing the notes from these meetings to give you a glimpse into what inspires us.

* * *

KEVIN DO: Kevin received an email from Gerard Minakawa, founder of Bamboo DNA (they design, construct and install bamboo structures and environments) about an upcoming build in Spain. He participated in creating a structure at the Symbiosis Gathering in Oakdale, CA, last year, and would love to attend a build abroad. If he can’t do that, he plans on doing at least a couple builds stateside this summer.

MAX BROWN: Max gave us an update on the game he's creating (he started learning to code with the start of the new year). His little guy, until now, has lived his entire life in one room. Recently, he opened a door and passed into an entirely new room. Now he can go into new rooms forever.

EDMUND SANDOVAL: Edmund has been learning about Dieter Rams and his 10 principles of good design (#1: Good design is innovative). Sean is going to bring in his copy of Rams’ "As Little Design As Possible" for him to read. Sean thinks we should also purchase some of his books for our library so everyone can experience them.

SYLVIA CHOI: Sylvia listened to a webinar by Ramit Sethi (a financial and entrepreneurial guru) who focuses on not being afraid to do whatever it is you want to do. He advised to not worry about having everything prepared before you start something; to just start and see how it goes. The essence: Fail fast, learn fast, grow fast.

SEAN KELLY: Sean has been reading Creativity, Inc. (a book about the creation and evolution of Pixar). Last night, he read the second chapter which tells the story of how Pixar came to be. He was inspired by their steadfast focus on making Pixar a reality. Even though they had many opportunities to take their skills another way, they stayed dead set on their dream of creating the first ever feature-length computer animated film.