Designing the New Laptop Riser
Our original laptop riser was great—but we were running into major quality control and manufacturing issues. Here’s how we solved the problems and designed a new version of the laptop riser.
If It’s Broke, Fix It
The original riser had a bent wood base with an aluminum face. It was flat-packable, and was assembled at home. The problem was that the radius the wood had to be bent at was too tight, meaning it cracked too frequently as it was manufactured.

I really loved the original. The assembly part of it was so cool to me. But we needed to be able to produce with consistent quality and not waste a ton of wood bases.

We set out on a mission to make a new riser.
The original Grovemade Laptop Riser from 2020 side by side with the redesigned 2023 model.
Two-Piece, Too Much?
In short, yes. We started by working on the base, and first considered versions with two pieces of metal, because that would allow us to pack it flat. But, in every prototype we tried, the two pieces were too clunky and cumbersome. So we transitioned to a single bent aluminum piece. It felt right, despite having to ship fully assembled.

KEN TOMITA (Grovemade Co-Founder): This product is a little less efficient to ship, but more beautiful.

Wood laptop lift working in tandem with the Grovemade Maple Desk Shelf.
Planes Shouldn't Be Plain
Since we were no longer using wood for the base, we moved it up front and center, as a focal point of warmth and tone, and as the ledge that holds your laptop, cushioned by a layer of felt.
But our first iterations of this concept looked way too plain. So we leaned on a favorite for adding depth and dimension: offsets and radius play.

We like doing these offsets to show off the material and give a floating feeling. I love that the wood floats on the front.

Lead Product Designer
It took a lot of tweaking to get the ratios just right. We made tiny incremental changes in each piece until we landed on the perfect visual pop.
A wood panel with radiused corners, set off against a felt piece with more radiused corners. A dance of shadows and light. The result saved the riser from plainness, giving the eye so much to mull over.
Design With Purpose
Our laptop riser has a smaller footprint than the laptop stand on purpose. We designed it as a flexible piece that fits easily into your workspace, however you organize it.
Blackened Walnut Laptop Stand with matching black monitor stand.
It works well as a companion piece to the small and medium desk shelves, letting you line up your laptop with your extended display. But it also is sweet on its own, which is how a lot of our customers end up using it.

SEAN KELLY (Lead Designer): This is one of my favorite products now!

All in all, a sleek addition to your desk to take your work to new heights, whatever laptop you use.
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Our laptop riser lifts your screen extra high for ideal ergonomics, combined with a small, stable footprint that fits into the tight spaces at your desk.

Now available in four material options.

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