The Desk Shelf, Your Way
The desk shelf is our flagship home office solution. The flexible design means that it can help improve your workspace, regardless of the type of work you do. Read on to see it in action in three different setups.
Large Maple Desk Shelf with ultra-wide monitor and matching Maple MacBook Dock.
The Ultrawide
A single screen that's built for spreadsheets, data visualization, multi-software-tasking. Paired with a monitor arm and an ultrawide monitor, the desk shelf builds a super clean storage solution that keeps the things you need within arm's reach. More columns on that spreadsheet? You bet.

Goes nicely with: MacBook Dock | Pen Cup | MagSafe Stand
Matte White Desk Shelf on maple desktop with colorful books, paper, and crafting supplies.
The Analog
It's a digital world—but sometimes, you still need paper. The desk shelf stores and organizes books, magazines, color-coordinated loose leaf paper—all so you can edit and think in analog while still being structured around the digital workstation.

Goes nicely with: Planters | Pencil Kit | Wool Desk Pad
Matte Black Desk Shelf stacked full of all-black tech accessories, with matching microphone and camera stand for streaming setup.
The Electronic
Everyone has devices… but some people really have devices. From photography to gaming, podcasts to video calls, the desk shelf organizes and displays all the electronics you need.

Goes nicely with: Headphone Stand | iPad Stand | MagSafe Stand
The Desk Shelf System
It's designed to flex for your work. Dual screen, single screen, lots of paper, no paper—the Grovemade products create an ecosystem where you can get just what you need to get your work done. Meet the players below.

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