22 March 2016
Fresh Space = Fresh Minds
Co-founder and CEO Ken Tomita explores our adventures in running a small business and the journey to understand the meaning of it all.
Today we rearranged our entire workspace….again! We now have a small showroom just beyond our entrance and, somehow, the space feels more spacious. We broke down a big sign we’d made for an event to make room and doing so led us to also open up the entire administrative space. Right now, it’s just a couple of shelves and a table, but it’s a start to opening letting our fans actually get their hands on our products.

We had a birthday party today and it felt so different. It felt like a cocktail party or one of the design parties I always go to. Why? The space. People were standing around mingling rather than just retreating to the lounge.
Overall there was a buzz, a freshness in the air. Upbeat positive energy. This always happens when we rearrange. Is it primal? Is it innately human that change feels good? It sure does to me.

We dramatically change our space on average every two months (though we’ve picked up the pace this year). It’s symbolic of our core value of being open. We change, all the time. We try things and succeed or fail all the time. This is a place where change is inevitable, a necessity. It forces us to be flexible and keeps us fresh.