Joining Forces With Rejuvenation


Joining Forces with Rejuvenation

August 1st 2016

The decision to team up with Rejuvenation was easy. Based in Portland, Oregon since 1977, Rejuvenation has worked hard to curate the best in lighting and housing goods. With an emphasis on made-to-order lighting products, we found that we have a common philosophy when it comes to making and selling products for everyday living. This match became all the more solid and exciting for us with the unveiling of their new Home Office category, a venue tailored to bring the best accessories to any desktop.

While our reach as an online-only business is vast, the opportunity for our customers to actually handle our products doesn’t come until the package is on their doorstep. By featuring our goods in a brick and mortar location, we’re finally able to transcend your computer screen. Customers stopping by Rejuvenation’s Plant No. 5 on SE Grand can now put their hands on our walnut and leather-based goods for the workspace.

We also came to appreciate Rejuvenation's willingness to work with smaller brands; the little guys, like us. It’s an opportunity for us to share space with other dedicated designers and makers like Cedar & Moss, Pigeon Toe, and Caravan Pacific.

If you’re in Portland (or Palo Alto or Seattle or Atlanta or LA or Berkeley), swing by Rejuvenation and check out our goods in person!