14 FEBRUARY 2017
Happy Valentine's Day
Having a day to focus on loved ones is great. We should probably be appreciative of those around us every day… but that’s hard to do. Valentine’s day gives us the chance and the nudge to be grateful.

Love is an interesting thing. You can love somebody, you can love doing something, you can love ideas or art or spreadsheets. Love can be a slow burn or a firecracker. You can even love your work.
Grovemade is a company built of people: some of us do production, some of us take photos, some of us design, and some of us peer at spreadsheets. We try to design our space and our tasks so that we can find purpose in what we’re doing. Our hope is always that we’ll be able to channel our energy towards something we’re passionate about, because this trickles down into the rest of our lives and helps to create a meaningful tapestry of pursuits, ideas and creations. So, we think it’s important to find love in your work. Or to aspire to it at least. If you’re not there right now, here’s to making it something to shoot for.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Grovemade.

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