Making The iPhone Case Video



At our Portland, OR, workshop, we combine precision manufacturing techniques with a passion for high quality, hand finished goods. We’re lucky to get to see how our products come to life - and we wanted to share that with you. So we put together some behind the scenes footage of how we build our iPhone cases. Enjoy!

(1) Each case starts out as a simple plank of wood. (2) It is laser cut to form the frame profiles that will become the case. (3) The pieces are fit together and glued. (4) The resulting frame is CNC milled into the rough shape of the final case. (5) The case is belt sanded to remove burrs and the connective tabs left over from milling. (6) Each case is taken through three rounds of hand sanding. (7) Finally, the case is finished with a vegetable-based oil.

Our cases touch many hands on their way through the workshop. The real guts behind the product are the team here at Grovemade.