Making the Wireless Charging Pad
How do we build the wireless charging pad? Step behind the scenes to watch it come to life!
We start by machining the cork, creating a precise pocket for all the electronics and leaving a thin layer on top to allow the charge to transfer efficiently.
Our small team makes each wireless charging pad by hand.
We custom laser-cut the acrylic and formica elements that hold the electronics in place and allow for the cord to wrap cleanly underneath. These are glued into the machined top with the electronics.
The stainless steel base is glued in place and the partially assembled charger is sent back to the shop. The cork and steel are sanded until perfectly flush.
The top is chamfered and hand sanded until smooth, and then the cork is hand painted with Japanese calligraphy ink (for the dark version) and covered in a clear coat to protect and preserve.
Working in small batches, we continually refine and improve the process.
Back in the assembly area, the cork feet are applied and the wireless charger is checked for quality and tested with a phone.
Then it’s a quick stroll to the finished goods rack and shipping area, where it’s wrapped up and sent out with a ‘bon voyage’!
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Available in two colorways. Compatible with most cases up to 3mm thick.

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