15 August 2016
Making the Wood Speakers
Each Grovemade wood speaker system is crafted one at a time in our 5000 sq ft Portland, Oregon workshop. In the following article we explore how we manufacture a single speaker.
Using thick slabs of either western walnut or eastern hard rock maple, each speaker is made of two halves that are first CNC machined on one side, then flipped and machined again to complete a rough version of the outer form.
The two halves are glued together with a high performance epoxy, small pins ensuring perfect alignment.
The speaker shells are hand shaped by our craftsmen through three levels of power and hand sanding, making each piece truly one of a kind.
Natural oil is applied, buffed, and left to dry overnight to finish the wood. The process is repeated the following day with a second coat, and dried for another night.
The electronic components are installed and capped with a stainless steel stand which is then covered with premium vegetable-tanned leather for a clean, finished look.
While the process is finicky and time consuming, we welcome the challenge. We’re here to make an amazing speaker system that couldn’t exist without the strengths of our team, not to just make another speaker.

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