The Minimalist Knife
The next step in our quest for clean lines and simple design, the all-metal minimalist knife is a radical take on the classic friction folder.
Inspired by Simplicity
The classic Japanese Higonokami has been our constant inspiration. Originally introduced in late nineteenth-century Japan, it was born when a dearth of samurai forced swordsmiths to turn their hammers toward something smaller: the simple friction folder pocket knife. We love the simplicity of the Higonokami and set out to create a modern interpretation.
Traditional friction-folding Japanese Higonokami knife and the Grovemade Brass Knife.
The minimalist knife is constructed using a unique single-piece monobody handle, custom machined from a solid block of metal. The lines are crisp and the angles are refined. The curve of the blade nestles flush within the body with no wasted space.
It has no distracting elements—it’s pure in form and function.
Made the Hard Way
Standard knife construction involves sandwiching four or more layers around the blade, all held together with multiple screws. Our monobody method is unique and radical—it’s much harder to manufacture a knife this way, which is why it generally isn’t done. The result, however, is simple and clean, and it creates a body that is pure form.
Illustrated diagram of the parts of a traditional pocket knife versus the simple construction of the Grovemade knife.
Portrait photo of Grovemade Co-Founder Ken Tomita.

"The knife was a challenging design - we needed to keep it close to home to get it right. So we make it 100% in the USA."

Higonokami-style minimalist black Cerakote pocket knife on blue.
Find the One That's Just Right
Choose raw machined brass or black Cerakote aluminum. Both have a hand-sharpened 440C stainless steel blade, providing excellent edge retention, durability and corrosion resistance.

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