Monday Circle - What We're Into Right Now


Monday Circle

Every Monday at 10 o’clock sharp, our crew of 20 drops whatever they’re doing and circles up to share their thoughts on the topic of the week. It’s a time to be candid, it’s a time to connect and strengthen our bonds. This is a transcript.

* * *

"What Are You into Right Now?"

SEAN KELLY: "I'm really into being a dad. It enhances everything, both good and bad, but I'm using it to elevate the positive right now."

KEVIN DO: "I'm into creating a quiet room in my mind. I'm uncluttering and finding focus."

VICTOR NGUYEN: "I'm into always getting better, in the gym and everywhere."

GALEN LEE: "I'm into continuously improving in all areas. Goals get you there!"

TOMMY GUSTOVICH: "I'm into music production, positive thinking, and interior design for the new apartment."

ALEX BOEPPLE: "I'm into LCD Soundsystem and can't wait to see them on their reunion tour!"

DASHIA FONTLEROY: "I'm into being more consistent with everything, particularly fitness."

BEN WOOD: "I'm into emergency preparedness, so my family will be ready when disaster hits."

ASHLEY RUNION: "I'm really into my Pandora stations!"

CHRISTOPHER DONN: "I'm into my family right now! The boys are moody and my daughter is at a stage where she needs to be held a lot. Otherwise, I'm into learning Python and playing modded Minecraft."

MISBAH AFSHARI: "I'm into school. It's getting busier all the time."

BRODIE GORDON: "I'm into all the little projects that come with being a homeowner."

GINGER WEIDENHOF: I'm into collecting leatherworking tools for an ambitious first project of a Moroccan footstool! Also coloring. It is intense and meticulous."

JUSTIN ABUAN: "Right now I'm into cars because I'm trying to buy one. Also working on cleaning up my home life."

DIXIE GRIFFIN: "I'm into going out alone. It offers a lot of freedom and allows for spontaneity."

SYLVIA CHOI: "I'm into minimizing! I'm working on fitting in 5-10 minutes of effort every day to get there."

MAX BROWN: "My roommates are working on 29 short films for the month of February, and I'm into helping them with that. I'm also teaching myself how to program video games."

EDMUND SANDOVAL: "I'm really into running well as opposed to just going through the motions. I'm pushing through the discomfort and excuses."

JIM HASSERT: "I'm really into the 4 Directions/Medicine Wheel. Trying to be mindful and put in work on spirit and heart daily."

KEN TOMITA: "I'm really into Emperor Palpatine and I'm working on my impression. Also, cooking!"