Wall Hooks
We’re excited to bring back our popular wall hooks, with a subtle redesign. Available in walnut or maple.
Clean Silhouette
The wall hook floats on your wall and gives you a clean resting place for everything from a backpack to a ballcap. They’re designed and built to look great even when there’s nothing on them.

No need to pile everything on a chair. Or the floor.

Entryway with six Grovemade Walnut Wall Hooks.
Diagram showing exploded view of construction of walnut and black leather wall hook.
Layered Design
The hooks are engineered to have no exposed screws or fasteners, for a clean look. All you see is hand-sanded hardwood, aluminum, and premium vegetable-tanned leather. We think it’s a lovely combination.
Entryway collection featuring the Maple Wall Hook and Maple Catch-All.
Two Walnut Wall Hooks with coat hanging.
Maple Wall Hooks with the Grovemade Maple Catch-All.
Let the Space Guide You
One? Two? Three? Four? Add a single hook in a tight space, or bundle and fill out an entryway.

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