02 February 2017
What Kind of Case Buyer Are You?
We make iPhone cases, focusing on natural materials and great design. They’re perfect for some people… but totally wrong for many others. Everybody’s unique. We want you to love your iPhone case, whichever brand it is.

We put together a guide to help you find the right one. Just be honest, maybe you’ll learn a little about yourself as you navigate the consumer jungle. Bon voyage!

The Bargain Hunter

For you, the case is all about getting some clothing on your phone for as little as possible. Simple silicone shell? Perfect. Keeps your camera lens from getting scratched? Ideal. The right move for you is something that’s not expensive… but you already knew that. Cash Rules Everything Around You - so you’re not about to shell out a fat stack for an iPhone case.

PRO You don’t pay very much
CON You get what you pay for

Recommendation: The bargain bin 1

M.C. Drops-a-Lot

It’s not your fault, we know. The new iPhones are slippery. And there’s a lot going on, and in and out of your pocket 100 times per day, just statistically, is going to lead to some drops. We’re not judging, we’re just here to help. You need a case that is going to protect your investment, and you’re willing to make another investment to make sure that your phone’s taken care of.

PRO Great protection
CON Hard to use natural materials / Adds bulk to your phone

Recommendation: Otterbox 2

The Survivalist

Thanks for taking a break from your backpacking trip to read our email. You are the type of person who has a dive watch that you actually use, and sometimes you disappear for weeks at a time and return with a few dozen otter pelts. Or exotic Mongolian rugs. Or a selfie with some bedouins. You need a phone case that’ll keep up. Slim? More like beefy and able to repel small arms ammunition.

PRO Great protection
CON Good luck slipping it into your pocket

Recommendation: LifeProof 3 or Dog & Bone 4

Rebel Without a Case

You like your iPhone as nature intended. Cases? You don’t need no stinking cases. You might be a jazz pianist, or moonlight as the shortstop for the New York Yankees, because you’ve got hand-eye coordination to spare. Dropping your iPhone isn’t your main concern.

PRO Simple, free, and your phone stays as slim as the day it was born
CON Fingers crossed you don’t drop it

Recommendation: Good luck!

The Design Enthusiast

You recently found and re-upholstered an Eames chair. You’re in pursuit of the “perfect line.” We get you. The objects that you use throughout your day are important, the way they look and feel and function keeps you going. You appreciate things that are made the hard way, because you love to dive in and work hard in your own life.

PRO Natural materials / Slim profile
CON Case might not survive an impact

Recommendation: Grovemade

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