18 July 2016
Work Hard from Anywhere
A few weeks back we had the opportunity to host a Workfrom meet-up in our workshop. Dreamt up by Darren Buckner, Workfrom exists to connect “the many communities of digital nomads, freelancers, students, adventurers, working parents, and remote workers all over the world with great spaces to stay productive and get stuff done.” Over the four hours that the crew was in our space, the atmosphere was transformed. There was an energy of productivity that came with a group of twelve newcomers working on their individual projects. It was an awesome experience that inspired us to think about the best ways you can work hard no matter where you are. Below are the top six things we found for being productive no matter where you lay your laptop.

Get Organized

There are now approximately a gazillion tools to help you work better while working remotely. A few starters to consider on your trip to organization island are Clear (for setting tasks, reminders, and to-do lists), Hackpad (for sharing notes with your team), Slack (for communicating with your coworkers), and iDoneThis (for keeping track of - and celebrating - your progress).

Get Happy to Get More Done

A happy brain is a productive brain! It’s also healthier and more social, more creative and insightful, more engaged and resilient - the list goes on. And, believe it or not, your brain (you!) can be super happy at work just by focusing on the concept of happiness and mindfulness. We’ve found that the folks at Happy Brain Science have more than a few helpful tips to accessing both happiness and productivity for the long-term, no matter your field.

Take a Break (or Two)!

We’re all guilty of not taking a break, of not stepping away from our computers (chances are you even had lunch at your desk (and breakfast, and a snack)). So take a break, ok? Take a jaunt around the block, do some stretches, call your mom and dad, take a gander at all of those Crying Jordan memes. It’s good for you! Even science says so.

Don't Settle for Just Anyplace

So you’ve walked to the cafe that everyone says is the best for both lattes and getting work done. Except when you’re set up to hit the Go button on your day, you find yourself a touch bothered that the A/C is on the fritz, or that a coffee klatch is deep into their third carafe of decaf, and your table is being kept level by a folded up cardboard coffee coozie. Instead of settling, pack up your stuff and get outta there! It’s your day and your time, why not make the best of it? We recommend Workfrom to help you identify the best spot for you.

Do a Bit of Deskscaping

The reason we designed our desk collection had everything to do with elevating the potential of any workspace. Take a gander at your workspace. Does it make you happy? Is it cluttered? When you get through with day’s work, does your body feel nice and relaxed or is it shot through with pain? If so, it might be time to do a little desktop landscaping. Find some inspiration here, and here.

Log Off for a Little While

The internet is now like air. It’s just everywhere, floating around, inviting you down any number of awesome (or not) k-holes. Fortunately, there are now tools that’ll karate chop your wifi connection for as long as you’d like. Our favorite is made by Circle.

Now go and watch that sunset.

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