Working on a Laptop
The laptop is the workhorse in most workspaces. The way you work is unique, which is why we designed three distinct laptop solutions: the new laptop riser, the laptop stand and the laptop lift.
Easy on the Eyes
To really get to work, your space needs to feel perfectly dialed—the laptop riser lifts your laptop screen up to the ideal hight and plane to match your extended display monitor. The curved body is stable and minimal, for a beautiful solution that fits into the tight spaces on your desk

Great for: small desks, working on multiple devices, cord management, coordinating with our monitor stand / desk shelf
Sculptural Centerpiece
We saw in offices big and small—laptop stands, when left on their own, catch your eye for all the wrong reasons. Our laptop stand comes to the rescue! With or without a laptop on it, you get to look at molded plywood, steel and leather, form and function working together. It makes a stellar tag-team with our monitor stand, and pairs nicely with a hot cup of coffee and your to-do list.

Great for: working on a laptop solo, medium / big desks, coordinating with our monitor stand
Type on Me!
Materials take center stage with the laptop lift. It’s designed to coordinate with our desk shelf, or as a stand alone that allows you to type directly on the keyboard. Premium wool felt for a soft top, bent metal for curves, machined cork for the base, and a familiar looking metal and leather stop we integrated from the laptop stand. It’s sleek and soft and angled just enough, and the low profile gives you a functional advantage.

Great for: low profile, typing direcely on your laptop, coordinating with our desk shelf

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