Grovemade x Keycult
Grovemade x Keycult
Keycult makes the best mechanical keyboards available. They're good friends of ours and when the chance came up to collaborate, we jumped right in.

We put our heads together to build an ideal keyboard collection, fully custom and one of a kind. We incorporated lines, materials and finishes from both brands—solid brass, Cerakote ceramic coating, walnut— complete with custom Grovemade + Keycult lock up to commemorate our collaboration.

“We decided to make the most badass representation of our two brands and see what happens.”

Overhead view of the Grovemade x Keycult Mechanical Keyboard and Walnut Wrist Rest.
Inlaid brass detail on the rear of the Grovemade x Keycult mechanical keyboard.
Detail of the laser etched logo marks on the machined metal rim of the walnut wrist rest.
Wide shot of the Grovemade x Keycult Mechanical Keyboard on custom desk pad.
Detail of the natural wood grain on the Grovemade x Keycult wrist rest.
Winner Receives a 1 of 1 Custom
Grovemade x Keycult Collection:
• Grovemade x Keycult Mechanical Keyboard
• Grovemade x Keycult Custom Black Desk Pad with Medallion
• Grovemade x Keycult Wrist Rest
The Grovemade X Keycult Collab has closed, and the winner has been selected and notified. Thanks for checking it out! If you'd like to stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter below.
Watch it Live
To celebrate the collaboration, we teamed up with TaehaTypes, a luxury mechanical keyboard builder. He's going to be doing a live build of the keyboard on Twitch at 1:00 PM, PST, 11/9.


Product Details


Custom Manufactured by Keycult in Raleigh, NC
No. 2/65 Mechanical Keyboard
Switches: Creams by NovelKeys
Keycaps: GMK White on Black by Drop
Brass switch plate
Black Custom Cables from Zap Cables
Weight: 5.7lbs


Custom Manufactured by Grovemade in Portland, OR and Keycult in Raleigh, NC
American Black Walnut
Cerakote Ceramic Coated Brass
Natural Cork
Weight: 2.6lbs


Custom Manufactured by Grovemade in Portland, OR
Natural Linoleum
Natural Cork

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