The Measure Collection
Originally launched in 2018, we're excited to re-introduce the Measure Collection, with some subtle updates. Machined from a solid block of aluminum and now laser etched with precision measurement marks, each tool is an example of clean design made to last.
The Grovemade Ruler, Protractor, and Triangle on white background.
Draw a Little Inspiration
We've been designing desk products for over a decade, studying thousands of offices and workspaces. No matter what, clutter creeps in! So we were inspired to design drawing tools that would look great whether they were put away or left out.
The Grovemade 6-Inch Ruler on blue paper with crafting tools.
The Grovemade Protractor in black powdercoated aluminum on blue backdrop.
The Grovemade Triangle with various writing tools.

Why not use tools that you wouldn’t want to put away?

Think Dimensionally
We looked at tools we had lying around. Most were constructed by simply punching the shape from a sheet of metal or plastic. This manufacturing style gets the job done—but we wanted to create tools that were better. Flat punched material is limited to two dimensions, whereas machining allows interesting three-dimensional shapes to emerge. It’s a harder, more intensive process, but it allows us to push our sculptural design.

SEAN KELLY (Lead Designer): A machined ruler is kind of radical. We could take the form into vertical dimensions that aren’t possible with a sheet of metal.

Wonderful to (Be)Hold
The structure of the tools make them better to handle and easier to pick up. They fit nicely into your hand. We created a numberless design, using precision contrasting laser etched lines and dots to indicate useful measurements, leaving the surface uncluttered.
Overhead view of the Grovemade Measure Collection on light grey desk pad surrounded by pens and stationery.
Three to Tango
The ruler, protractor and triangle were designed together, each informing the next. Balance, symmetry, completeness—all achieved with the set. Each is available individually as well.

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