Michael Soledad
Content creator, work-from-homer, pizza consumer—all around, a creative force that we're stoked to work with. Read below to hear what he has to say about making your desk (and your life) your own.

Feeling inspired and creative is a huge part of what I do on a daily basis. It's important for me to surround myself with elements that promote that mindset.

Owning Your Desktop
My desk is specifically tailored to meet my needs. From the colors to the choice of accessories. It's what inspires me to sit down and get some work done. You could say it has a "Michael" flavor to it!
My Favorite Grovemade Product?
THE WOOD MAGSAFE STAND! Sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm just really enthusiastic about that particular product. I dislike having to plug my phone to charge. It's messy, it doesn't look pretty, and it requires little extra steps to make sure it's not in the way. I love how seamless the MagSafe Stand feels when I dock my phone.
It's at the perfect angle for me to quickly check messages and I can even use it for video calls while it's charging. It looks amazing in the space and doesn't tip over or wobble anytime I interact with it. I love this thing!
Tips for Aspiring Creatives
Just start! And I say that with utmost sincerity. The absolute hardest part of the journey is starting. You'll figure everything out along the way once you get past this.

When I first started my freelance journey a few years ago, Grovemade products were always something that I aspired to own. They look beautiful, feel wonderful, and are functional.


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