Minimalist Knife

Radically Simple
Inspired by the classic Japanese Higonokami, the minimalist knife has crisp lines and refined angles. The gracefully curved blade nestles flush in the handle with no wasted space. The Grovemade Minimalist Knife is held closed by friction and held open by placing one’s thumb on the end of the tang. It’s a simple, classic mechanism.

The brass body provides a satisfying heft. The raw machined marks are clearly visible, hallmarks of the unique manufacturing process.
Higonokami style, brass handle friction folding pocket knife.
Close up detail of one-piece machined steel folding pocket knife with brass handle.
Brass handled higonokami pocket knife.
Made the Hard Way
The minimalist knife is constructed using a unique monobody, custom machined from a solid block of metal. We eschewed the standard sandwich method of knife construction, choosing instead to pursue our radical build design. It’s much harder to manufacture a knife this way—but the result is wonderfully clean and simple.

100% made in the USA

Technical Specifications


Design and assembly by Grovemade in Portland, OR.
Blade and body custom-manufactured by our manufacturing partner in Oregon City, OR.


440C Blade Steel
360 Brass
Phosphor Bronze Washers


Body length: 3.75”
Width: 0.75”
Thickness: 0.35”
Blade length: 2.8”
Weight: 4.3 oz


Hand sharpened


Rather than a locking mechanism, this product uses friction and your thumb on the back of the blade to prevent the blade from closing; please use with care.
Metal finish can scratch with use and will develop a patina with everyday handling.
For further questions on the knife please consult our FAQ.