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The maple triangle is a beautiful and minimal tool for your desk. It’s machined from solid maple laminated to an aluminum base, for a flush junction and effective drawing or cutting. Laser etched marks in inches and centimeters.

45°-45°-90° triangle proportions
Overhead shot of the Grovemade Measure Collection in maple wood on blue.
Precision machined rounded maple drafting triangle with laser etched markings on red.
The Grovemade drafting triangle in sculpted maple wood on yellow.
Three To Tango
The triangle, protractor and ruler were designed together, each influencing the next. Get them all for your desk with the Maple Measure Collection Set.

Technical Specifications


Designed and manufactured by Grovemade in Portland, OR


Eastern Hardrock Maple
5052 Aluminum
Natural Cork Foot


Legs: 3 ½ “ ( 9 cm )
Hypotenuse: 5 ¾” (14 ½ cm)
Isosceles right triangle proportions (45° / 45° / 90°)


The maple triangle is made from natural materials and you can expect a variation in color and wood grain.

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