A Place for Your Papers
The Grovemade Paper Tray gives you a place to store paper and letters at your desk. The brushed aluminum chassis is rigid and minimal, and machined cork walls keep things contained. The die-cut merino wool felt lining cushions and softens the tray, and holds your papers off the bottom for easier access. The entire tray tucks neatly into our desk shelf, giving you a handy spot for the bills, notes, and envelopes that inevitably find their way to your desk.
Easily Accessed, Easily Hidden
When paired with the Grovemade Desk Shelf, the Paper Tray gives you the storage for all kinds of papers and letters, without taking up precious desk space. Slide it out to process and deposit, slide it back in to keep your workspace minimal.
The paper tray is sized to fit 8.5" x 11" documents, with a little breathing room for easier access. Similarly, the wool felt interior is inset slightly so nothing is ever stuck to the bottom of the tray—it's always seamless to pick up even a single sheet.
Paper tray with its dimensions. These dimensions can be found below in the section "Technical Specifications" in the subsection "Dimensions"

Technical Specifications


Design and Manufacturing by Grovemade in Portland, OR
Metal component made with vendor partner in Portland, OR


Exterior: 1” tall x 12” wide x 8.75” deep
Interior: 11.5" wide x 8.625" deep


5052 Aluminum
Natural Cork
Sumi Ink (Dark version only)
100% German Merino Wool Felt

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