The Grovemade Task Knife
A monolithic cutting tool designed and manufactured precisely for your desk.

Never scurry off looking for scissors… or a kitchen knife... or, like, a sharp rock, ever again.

Overhead of the solid brass, single-piece knife with walnut wood stand.
It's So Heavy
The natural weight of the single-piece, solid brass or stainless steel gives the task knife quiet authority and makes opening boxes a breeze. That’s the beauty of pure materials.
Silky Smooth Handling
We carefully balanced complex forms to make the knife a joy to hold and use, while being sculptural enough to display on your desk. Simple isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.
Grabbing the task knife is a breeze, thanks to the machined, hand-sanded swoop in the hardwood stand. Snag it, cut it, put it right back.
Right Place, Right Knife
Keep the task knife close by, nestled perfectly in its stand for when you need it. It’s a distinguished knife for a distinguished workspace.
Single-piece stainless steel knife and cork iPhone charging pad on wood monitor stand.

"It’s just the right amount of knife."

Works Alone
Let the machining shine in raw brass or stainless steel, or go for the matte look with a black ceramic coating.
Better Together
The hand-finished hardwood stand is the perfect home for the task knife. The natural material combination pairs with the entire desk collection.

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