Andrew Ethan Zeng
Building a purposeful, intentional business as an online content creator and entrepreneur is not easy, but Andrew is able to strike an ideal balance. Read below to learn about his thoughts on workspace design, staying focused on your true goals, and his favorite Grovemade products for his workspace.
A Unique Take on Desk Setups
Every element of a desk setup from the tech, design of the desk and placement of accessories all work together to form a comfortable, familiar cocoon where we do our best work.
I think [the uniqueness comes from] the fact that I have a lot of space to play with—I’m lucky enough to have an entire condo transformed into a dedicated office. Unlike most desk setups, my desk is set up in an open space so I’m not facing a wall and that helps keep the desk and my mind clutter-free. I’m using the remaining space to build out a small creative studio for different use cases like filming, team collaboration and things like that. Most people don’t need this much space – it’s all about making the most of the space you do have and making it your own!

Grovemade products include a level of craftsmanship and love for the craft you can feel in hand and that quality translates well to any desk setup.

Andrew Ethan Zeng
Favorite Product
My go-to Grovemade product through and through is the Merino Wool Felt Desk Pad. My desk now looks and feels naked without it! It effortlessly elevates my desk and neatly compartmentalizes the desk accessories. Not to mention, the wool felt adds texture and warmth to an otherwise smooth desk, while also being a trackable surface for my mouse.
The wool felt desk pad goes well with a curated group of products, inspired by Andrew's unique and warm workspace—the light tone of maple with accents of black stationery.
Check out Andrew's custom wallpaper bundle here.
Working Hard & Staying Grounded
If you're looking to grow a YouTube channel, start by visualizing how your content will positively impact others—whether that’s to teach, to empower or to simply entertain. The goal of the most views, the most subscribers or the most money is not sustainable and a surefire path to disappointment. Then get passionate about your craft and enjoy the journey!

Luck plays a big role in success, but I’m a believer that the harder we work, the more luck we attract.

Andrew Ethan Zeng
Beyond connecting with my audience and creating content that’s informative and entertaining, I work hard for my current and future family. No matter what I achieve in the future, I’ve always made it a point to remain grounded and remind myself that what’s most important is family, love and the smaller things in life.

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