Find Your Desk Pad
The desk pad gives structure to your whole workspace—understanding the features and benefits (and how they fit into your work style) is crucial to pick the right one.
You’re going to be touching and working on your desk pad all day—make sure the texture is exactly what you want.
Leather has a buttery soft feel and patinas over time—this is your move if you want something that ages like fine wine. It’s wonderful to write on, and works well with a mouse.
Merino wool felt has warmth and the most cushion. It’s 100% virgin merino wool—it’s soft to the touch, unlike synthetic or low quality wool felts. It’s not good for writing directly on it, and it’s adequate as a mousepad.
Matte has a similar feel to high quality paper, smooth with a little tooth. It’s good for writing, and works well with a mouse.
Budget is a factor for everyone. Our lineup of desk pads covers a range of prices and uses—and the best option comes down to what you need it for.

Why the different prices? It’s all about the material and the work that goes into producing each desk pad.
The leather desk pads are sourced from the highest grade domestic American vegetable-tanned leather. The tanning process is very labor intensive, as is the process to take that and turn it into a desk pad—learn about the process here, and learn why we use vegetable-tanned leather here.
Our merino wool felt comes from Germany—it’s pure and natural, which means it’s a much more expensive material than most synthetic wool felts you’ll interact with. We tested the alternatives, but the quality drops off dramatically. Read more about it here.
Our matte desk pads are made of natural linoleum—and no, it’s not the linoleum you’re probably thinking about. It’s made from linseed oil, pine rosin, and wood flour. Ours is manufactured in the Netherlands, and because it’s manufactured (rather than coming from a cow or a sheep), it is cheaper to produce than wool and leather. It’s our most accessible desk pad. Read more about linoleum here.
How it Ages
Each material changes differently over the years, as you use and work on your desk pad.

Leather will develop a beautiful patina, interacting with the natural oils in your hand or the condensation on your glass—but it can get damaged from too much water.

Wool will look the same on day 1000 as day 1. It resists water, doesn’t show wear patterns.

Linoleum is very easy to clean, especially compared to neoprene or cloth desk pads.

All three options are built to last more than a lifetime.
We offer five sizes in each material and recommend measuring your desk as a first step in deciding which one is right for you, whether you’re working on a narrow bench or an expansive workspace.

Beyond the numbers, here are some considerations:

Large and Extra Large desk pads might be right for you if:
You love your desk and want to protect it at all costs
You hate your desk and can’t stand to look at it
Your desk is small and you want it to feel bigger
You want to have a continuous field with enough space for all your work tools

Small to Medium Plus desk pads might be right for you if:
You love your desk and want to see most of it
You want just a patch of contrast
You have several modes of work. When you’re done with typing you want to slide your keyboard away and pull over your notebook. (Wool is especially good for this, because it slides the easiest on most desktops)
You work in different spaces and want something portable

The desk pad is a workspace workhorse, and we’ve built ours to help you get your best work done. If you're still not sure which desk pad would be best for you, click the button below to send us a note—we’re happy to get into the particulars of your office space!
Premium Leather
Vegetable-tanned leather feels just as good as it looks—the labor-intensive tanning process preserves the character of the leather, ensuring your desk pad will age beautifully.
CLoseup detail of natural tan leather.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

All the leather we use in our products is natural and vegetable-tanned.
Merino Wool
Our classic wool felt desk pad focuses on the premium feel and warmth of merino wool—it resists fraying, the cut edges are crisp and clean, and the feel is soft and cushioned.
Naturally Simple
Our matte desk pads feature natural linoleum, made from linseed oil, natural pine rosin, wood flour and calcium carbonate. It provides a great writing surface that's smooth and soft, with a subtle tooth similar to premium paper.

Now available in eight new colors
Blue matte deskpad with grovemade logo and maple keyboard tray on top

Natural Linoleum

Offering durability and a premium feel, natural linoleum is an ideal surface for desk pads.
Material detail of light grey wool felt with tan leather tag.

Merino Wool

We use 100% pure virgin Merino wool in everything from our mouse pads to our coasters, desk pads to laptop lifts.

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