Making the Leather Desk Pad
Our leather desk pad is all about the premium vegetable tanned leather—but it's more than just that. The unique process and materials combine to make a desk pad that stands out.
Start Naturally
Leather comes from cows, and the tanning process determines how the material will behave and age. We use vegetable tanned leather in all our products—it ages wonderfully and feels great to the touch. We receive tanned hides, expertly prepared to just the right thickness for a desk pad—durable, supple and visually minimal, all at the same time.
Each hide is carefully inspected—we love seeing the unique elements that come from the life the cow led. Each desk pad is measured and laid out on the hide to create the best end product.
Using a template, we cut out the basic shape, in one of the four sizes we offer. Next, we cut natural cork laminated to pressure sensitive adhesive to the same size. Then, we laminate the cork and the leather together—it gives the pad a clean, professional look, and a cushioned surface for your desk.
Next, it's over to the die cut machine—basically, a giant cookie cutter. We have custom metal plates that cut the exact radius and size of the desk pads. This method ensures an incredibly clean cut around the edges, which ensures a sharp look on your desk.
The hydraulic mechanism lifts the head up and down, and we manually move it around the entire size of the desk pad—it can take several pushes to get an extra large all cut out.
Then, to the laser, where we engrave our small logo on the edge. From there, it's off to shipping, where it's carefully rolled up and shipped out.
Once you unroll it at your desk, it provides the perfect surface for writing, typing, and mousing, and nicely organizes your whole workspace.
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Available in five sizes and two colors, so you can find the one that's just right for your desk.

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